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manifest gallery
cincinnati, oh

january 27th - february 24th 2023

the inbetween, 3

THE FIVE THEMES PROJECT — For this fourth exhibit period of our 19th season Manifest has created a very special set of exhibitions for the fourth annual Five Themes Project—offering five concurrent interrelated shows. This iteration of the project explores the spectrum of intimate places and spaces through which we experience the passage of life.

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With a fascination in the dilemma of using photographic mediums to make the invisible visible, “The Inbetween, 3” aims to reect the intangible realm of dreams and the mind by contorting identiable space through reection and manipulation. The work is part of a larger series of self photographed images “The Inbetween” which attempts to convey the uneasy nature of the artist's own complex internal world seen throughout the unsettling dreams she experienced during the time. Lens distortion renders the image dicult to read while shooting directly through a mirror with the camera never directly facing the subject references the convoluted sense of dimensionality felt within the dreamscape.

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