I am 18 years old and I was born and raised in Denver, colorado. Right now Im a Freshman in college earning my bfa at the roski school of art and design at the University of Southern California. Everything in my life is changing and I just Want to capture it all. I want to photograph growing up and all that I encounter: the beautiful and the painful. I'm interested in photographing people - documentary images and editorial or lifestyle. I'm just finding interesting moments throughout every day trying to build a pool of work and expand my perspectives and range. I like using natural light But also work in studio settings. I've always had an inclination for taking photos and creating art as an outlet to be as honest as I can with life and all that it makes me feel...because I think that these feelings and moments are important...and this registers with a lot of my work. I love taking photos for anyone who needs creative, marketing, personal content, etc.

contact me if you have any interest in booking or shooting something :)

- Grace  

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