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"The Journey of Innocence"

I focused my concentration on communicating the journey of growing up and the loss of innocence. I wanted to tell a story of the various stages the teenager undergoes, such as loss, change, yet also the beauty within in. I aim to convey the struggles yet love that can be found in losing what you believed yet becoming who you are, and how different aspects of teenage years greatly effect our minds and the people we become. ​

The objective of my concentration was to convey a timeline of adolescence through four stages. In photos 1-3 I aim to portray the loss of the past and innocence, through elements of looking back on time and letting go - In image 1 the two hands are letting go and struggling to hold on to once they once had. In photos 4-6 my goal was to display conforming into someone you are not, shown through images with a darker mood in that this is a darker time within growing up. In image 5 I use the writing on the lips to display rebellion, yet to also convey the idea of losing the love for the people and values around you through the word “loveless”. Image 6 shows the girl in the pool at night to show rebellion within being in a darker mindset and atmosphere. In photos 7-9 I want to convey the next feeling of being lost, after essentially losing yourself, through photos that show confusion and sadness. In image 8 i convey this with the girl looking in the mirror with the realization of not knowing who she is. In image 9 I show two girls floating in the water to display the feeling of being in a state of confusion on where you are now going in life. And the last stage, photos 10-12, I want to show the realization of the good within growing up, through photos that display happiness, moments of love, and the journey into the beauty of life. 

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